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roysangel87's Journal

19 August
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Cursive About Me

Christian wife && mommy. I have a loving husband. I have a wonderful son. Married for 4 years. Big Band Swing music.
Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Contemporary Christian music. I attend NPBC. Cookies. Small town girl. I love God. Honoring God.
Italian Food. Seafood. Scrapbooking. Primitive decor. Photography. Ellington - my cat. Supportive of the Armed Forces.
My parents. TCM channel. Love. Friends. No degree. Entrapaneur. Yard Sales. Flea Markets. Mani - Pedi's. London. Hawaii.
Italy. I'm moody sometimes. Caring. I love to love.

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007 quantum of solace, 27 dresses, a bug's life, american dreams, american idol, and many more., antm, aristocats, army wives, art, atonement, australia, ben affleck, big band swing, bluegrass, bolt, bonnie hunt, books, bridge to terabithia, brother bear, brother bear ii, casino royale, charlotte's web, classical, cmt, contemporary christian, disney movies, dr. phil, e news, ellen, ellen degeneres, enchanted, eragon, extreme makeover home edition, failure to launch, family, finding nemo, finding neverland, fools gold, frank sinatra (rip), fresh prince of belair, friends, grapes of wrath, great is thy faithfullness, greys anatomy, hannah montana, hayden christensen, home improvement, house, house bunny, ii, independence day, italy, jason mraz, jesus christ, josh hartnett, jumper, kate hudson, kings of leon, kristen stewart, london, lost, mark wahlberg, mib, mib ii, michael buble, monsters inc, mulan, muse, music, my best friend's wedding, my husband, nascar, nascar:], national treasure, national treasure ii, newsboys, nights in rodanthe, oliver & company, one tree hill, oprah, panamore, passion of the christ, patrick dempsey, pearl harbor, phineas & ferb, photography, potc i, r&b, rachael ray, rachael ray show, reba, reese witherspoon, revolutionary road, robert pattinson, roman holiday, saved by the bell, secret window, seven pounds, shopping, signs, sleepy hollow, step lively, the bachelor, the bachelorette, the flinstones, the game plan, the happening, the jetsons, the memory keeper's daughter, the memory keepers daughter, the mummy, the mummy returns, the notebook, the other boleyn girl, the scorpion king, the tale of despereaux, the twilight series, the view, titanic, tom & jerry, traveling, twilight, twilight series, twilight. meet the robinsons, tyra, ugly betty, vanessa hudgens, walt disney (rip), we are marshall